HH Equity Group our goal for investors, is one of the area's largest suppliers of single-family homes. Houses are available for lease option to buy, for sale, or for sale on land contract. We are able to accommodate investor to make a ROI. We quality prescreened and approved residents for your properties: We have them ready to go for Investor. We help Investor to earn with a plan you like earn 10% to 15% ROI w/ 50% LTV invest in properties. We a team of License Builder, Realtor and lawyer, property management company to assisted you with you investment properties our goal is to have over 1000 properties under land-contract for our investor. We will return you to profitability.

We looking into future thinking of something different Green Rahabbing Structure to secure great opportunity pass the saving on to homeowner give great chance homeowner to save money.  We foucus ourselves as creative and avant-garde. your specific circumstances and are very flexible with our terms. Our goal has always been to provide good, honest people with quality, affordable housing.

Buyer are looking little as 7-10% down on the purchase price, you might be eligible to purchase one of our homes on land contract. With no closing costs and 100% of your down payment applied to principle, make this the year to stop paying a landlord and build equity in your future. Your interest is tax deductible and you are able to make improvements to and even sell your home.

Our team is dedicated to investing in the Metro Detroit and select other areas of 50 state. Our goal is to treat all real estate related clients and entities with the best  professional respect and responsiveness, while maintaining efficiency and profitability. HH Equity Company,we drive to exceed real estate investment goals of our deal finder and investor partners.  

HH Equity Company work with investors on locating and buying the right real estate, with equity all ready, then flipping, wholesaling,  or lease optioning land-contract to many investors.